In the Cellar

Sitting in the Cellar listening to jazz over rum and pizza.

CZ's new lover plays the upright base. she glows while she watches. she is quite happy here. last time I was with her she was beaten down by the cold bitch that is new your city. now life is full and rich for her. it excites me just being around such happieness.

I met the artist ray K. over the weekend. he and a small army of locals who were helping him move paintings over to a new storage location on his property.

I told him about the clock project and he sees a possibility for collaboratuion. I will introduce him to nat soon. CZ also introduced me to her project farm book. the Facebook for farmers. normally I am quite sceptical about anything that is the Facebook for anything but this seems very promising. she has a fairly well mapped out plan for it and she can go to VT for funding. her work ties into the clock and into things I worked on in occupy.

I am thinking about building a tiny house up here in February and using this as my first work stop. I could stay Feb to May. four solid months, after January in NYC. this could all work out.

a sense of fear

washed over me the other day. I've still got a bit of work from my past life itching at me. I feel like I'm not doing enough. a familiar feeling.

after going to ray's I went out with dan and grace. a local couple who took me out to some of their old highschool friends. they watched internet and drank. maybe I'm too hard on myself. is it wrong to do not much? I feel lost, but isn't that the point. I'm a vagabond now, the traveler. don't I get to do nothing?

it passes and I march on.

But on the other side it didn’t say nothing

Listening to: Sheilds by Grizzly Bear

Had a much more substantial hike yesterday. Bread is rising, then will bake. Tomorrow I will set north into the woods, meet the trail and see if I can't get to West Virginia.

I've downloaded Walden on audio book, seems a fitting read for a walk in the woods.

I had planned to go see a foodball game today at Virginia Tech, but had other things to do at home.

I listened to a wonderful story today, it follows:

Impact by: Irving Cox

Tomorrow I'll post details on my bread making.

A Very Trivial Man; a walks in the woods

I took a walk up the hill north of the house today. There is a tower along the ridge I will try for tomorrow.




I climbed a hill. Bushwhacked through the forest.


I found this interesting fungus growing on a bike:


I came across an interview I felt was very powerful:

No Ruler but god

Sitting on CZ's couch with good food in my stomach and a nip of burbon in my cup.

We purchased a cot for an out building on the property. I'll be sleeping in here in exchange for some sweat equity (as well as techquity, more on that later). There are some bikes on the property that we will fix up so I can get around town.

sleeping in the barn

Blacksburg is a really swell place so far as I know. The barber today told me there is nothing to do for fun here, though she might have been a little bit cynical (or maybe hard to please). I wandered a bit around and found an interesting ally with some high art. Among the artists work was a tag, probably a single person, with an anarchy Ⓐ over the Omega Ω. Though I know not the intended meaning, one interpretation I found is that of a Christian sect (in summery): There is no ruler but god and only god rules over you.

There is also the verse from Book of Revelation 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13:

"I am the Alpha and the Qmega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End"

I tend to see god and physics as one in the same, so I like that description. Though we find ourselves in a world where many claim to be rulers, ultimately we are all subject to the rule of the physical world. No matter how rich and clever, no one can escape that truth. In the end chains will rust and all things will crumble to dust against the long arm of the physical world.

Before that happens, people will make art on walls. Here's some of the images I found.

I really liked the Mario scene:

mario graffiti

You can find it here:

I also bought new shoes, the $20 airwalks weren't cutting it. I needed something I could tool around town in and hike in.

Off to my barn bedroom, and much more to come.

Late busses and early mornings

I'm sitting in CZ's kitchen sipping on tea. There is a smokey smell coming from the wood burning stove and the dew sparkles on the flora outside.

Yesterday the bus from Knoxville was an hour late and would have put me in Roanoke - an hour's drive from my final destination - at about 2:20 am. I coordinated with CZ and she agreed to brave the highway and pick me up, no matter what the time. At the next stop I spoke with the bus driver about dropping me off at an earlier point on the road, where I passed much closer to my destination. She said that the bus used to stop there, but didn't anymore. There was nothing I or she could do it would seem.

Fast forward a few hours into the trip. At another rest stop the driver calls me over.

"Are you the only one getting off?" "Yes" "Do you have a bag under the bus?" "Yeah" "Pull it out and sit up front with me"

The driver drops me off at a rest stop about 15 minutes from Blacksburg where CZ and a friend of her's pull in and pick me up.

As I get off the bus in a sleepy daze I ask if the driver has a card or number so I can write to Greyhound and let them know how awesome she is. She simply says "do something nice for someone else" and closes the door.

When we arrive at Crow Forest Farm it's well past 1am. CZ asks if I'm hungry, which I was, and proceeds to make from scratch egg noodles and reheat some chicken soup. We quickly eat and go to sleep.

I look forward to my time here.

Illustration by CZ


I'm moving south towards Knoxville on I-75. Packed into the back of the car with my Mother and Father. Driving is my sister while her husband sits shotgun. We snack on processed sugary treats.

I met the family a few days ago in Louisville Kentucky. We've been staying at an old southern bed and breakfast across the street from Central Park Louisville. The digs were lovely and opulent. The family spent the weekend touring Bourbon distilleries and drinking bourbon.

a large bourbon distiller

It's been wonderful seeing these far flung family members together and I appreciate the comfort afforded to me on this short trip. Drinking fine spirits and eating good meals with people I love.

When I arrive in Knoxville I will be parting ways with my family for now and boarding a bus to Blacksburg Virginia where I will meet CZ at Crow Forest Farm.

How I got here

I have been houseless in Brooklyn since October 1st. I made a rash decision to leave my wonderful Crown Heights apartment just over a month ago. Travel has been something I've wanted to do for a long time. I've day dreamed about leaving town and setting off on adventure for many years. I guess at a certain point you either just do it or don't. I did.

The first part of October was spent couch surfing in Brooklyn, tying up loose ends, consolidating my apartment full of things into a backpack full of things.

On October 15th I flew out of NYC to Indianapolis for a brief visit with my Aunt B. I joined her and my Uncle for a ride down to Louisville where we met the rest of the family.

Where I'm going

I would consider this leg of my journey to be the forward. Mel is getting married on May 4th, 2014 so I have obligations to stay near NYC till then. I'll be staying on Crow Hill Farm for a few weeks until I head back to Atlanta to spend some time with the mother and father. From there, we'll see where I end up.

Much more to come.