Improbable not impossible

I am sitting at the dinning room table of my parents home. I am coming from worship at a Kingdom Hall which I was invited to by a man who came to my door the other day.

I let him in because I am curious and am trying to say yes more.

The service was interesting. Jehovah's Organization prints these work books which are given to all congregations across the world. Each contains a simple work sheet with simple statements of "truth" of which simple questions are answered about those truths. The answer seems to relate to a passage in the bible from which all truth is gathered.

What I found surprising was their opposition to both evolution and creationism. They spoke at length about science and it's impact on the world and how it showed the glory of god. This was something I was not expecting. Creationism cast doubt about god because it ignores science, in so far as 6,000 year old earth and the like is concerned.

The handling of evolution was puzzling. They speak about the origin of life and how evolution gives a false account of the origin of life. Of course, anyone familiar with evolution knows that it deals not with the origin of life, but of species, or the diversity of life.

There was something, however, that really struck me. A woman stood up to respond to a question about preaching to others. She said in a conversation with a friend who believed in evolution that she stated some reason the "evolution is impossible" but quickly corrected herself to use the word improbable.

Evolution, which in their minds (as far as I can tell) contradicts the idea that god created everything, is held not as an impossibility but an improbability... at least in this particular group's mind, as the elder made no effort to correct her on that point.

There are plenty of criticisms of the faith so I won't get into what other things I didn't like. Aside from the hegemony of ideas. The though of millions of people reading these publications, being taught the same thing... very odd.

Further, when I had a chance to speak with one of the church "elders", who are only men as I understand it, I asked him about the actions witnesses take to be more Christ like, to counter the wickedness in the world. He basically said that all there is to do is convert others and wait for god to come back to earth.

While I can put aside the sexist hegemony, inaction I can not abide.

The devil wants nothing more than for good people to not act. For it is us who will build the kingdom of heaven on earth and keep it from the wicked among us.