The Wolf and the World

We sit in a middle school biology class; substitute teacher, cart carried TV plays nature videos. I have always been fascinated by the predictor vs prey. A wolf, or some bio regional equivalent, stalks the lonely tundra. On the sent of the elk, it's prey. We all know what happens next.

Who do you root for? As the wolf singles out some young big eyed - sorta lame - calf. Will you silently root for the predator or prey?

It sucks either way, does it not? If the calf makes a false move it will literally be eaten alive. Devoured by wolfs at the end of a exhausting chase. —

I remember waking up one morning to a bird flying around my room. In my attempts to extract it I chased it from corner to corner of the room. until, finally, it succame. The bird gave up, let what will happen happen.

It must be like that when one is being devoured.

— On the other hand, if the babe is fast on it's feet and manages to make it back to the herd, what then of the wolf?

Exhausted after a failed hunt she returns to her little Disney-sparkling-eyed pups, free of blood and gore, to nurse what she can to them. The cold creeps in and there isn't enough milk to go around.

Pups starve to death.

The natural state of things is that of horrific suffering. This is the background noise of all life.

This is a truth. It is not good or bad, it simply is. It is from where all joy and wonder come from. Out of this struggle everything has emerged.

I consider this in light of a friend's blog post about the animal holocaust and it's relation to activism. I find this to be a complex question. The world is a fierce place. Right now billions of creatures are starving to death, being eaten alive, rotting from the inside out from fungus and disease.

Is our industrialized slaughter some how more right or wrong? Or is it just so. Is the fear and stress that consume those animals souls while they trot through the blood and gore, the smell of death all around them, is that something that will seep into our souls?

What of the millions of acres of land stolen from animals to be planted, dusted with poison, for our consumption? What is the nature of us?

Sort of depressing thoughts, enough heady bull shit.

I've made it back to Brooklyn and am renting a loft apartment til February. It's good to be back in the excitement of New York City where I share this insanity with all these other apex predators.