Platform Cooperativism Conference: A Download

This past weekend I went to The People’s Disruption: Platform Co-ops for Global Challenges what follows is a download of my notes from the weekend. There were loads of great speakers and the organizers did a great job of centering voices that normally aren’t visible. I went to the first Platform Co-op conference in 2015 and the growth and maturing of the community and movement is inspiring. Get ready for a non-linear dump of links and information!  First off, you can view archived livestream of the whole event here.

Zebras fix what unicorns break

Learned about Zebras Unite and their conference Dazzle Con (Katie will be there). This movement came out of a great think piece called Sex and Startups and has turned into a movement. Basically they are promoting funding more feminine business practices. Here’s an image from that they shared:

This platform helps organize workers in legacy industry to build and exercise power.

Open Collective

This platform helps groups skip the incorporation step and just start transparently managing and collecting money.

“How can your idealism be corrupted?”

Co-ops for a better world


“Co-op are lacking the tools to scale democracy”

22% of freelancers get work via platforms

On the topic of platforms…

“How do we build trust with culturally defuse people?”

Something we are thinking about here at Good Good Work.

National Cooperative Business Association

Co-ops aren’t new, they are a foundation of America:

42 million people get their electricity from co-ops.

Next Century Cities

Like the electricity co-ops but for broadband. Just look at RS Fiber.

Data Farmers

A coop for sharing and owning data from farms.

This book!


“Economic power controls political power”

Another book: Change Here Now

Oh, did you know these folks were a co-op?

ESOP loans

Joseph Blasi talked about ESPO loans, a way to get credit to buy an asset and have that assets profits pay back the loan. Co-ops can use credit to buy companies. I don’t get it but I like the idea!

The crown jewel of the platform coop movement,

Arcade City

Peer to peer ridesharing.

“Financial institutions are platform monopolies”

Modo Car Share

20 years of sharing cars in Vancouver.

Real Patient Insights.


National Domestic Workers Alliance helps support domestic workers.

“The [current] system is designed to make us fail”


Decentralized Blockchain-based Organizations for Bootstrapping the Collaborative Economy.

A mastodon micro blogging community server run as a platform coop.


The bHive Cooperative is a community owned person-to-person sharing economy platform being developed for Bendigo by a team of five local entrepreneurs. bHive is the future of work.

“Make choices of least regret”




A cooperative that support freelancers, something we might want to model Good Good Work after… Smart takes care of the paper work and mutualizes costs.

Cooperativism is NOT new, it is a strategy of oppressed people.


We have HUGE purchasing power

The government is the #1 buyer of technology, let’s get them to prioritize buying from co-ops.

Universal Basic Assets

Income comes from assets, beyond income people need assets.

Read more about the idea

Holo Chain

Sweet sweet blockchain!


More blockchain goodness.


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