Clay and Climbing Trees

Nick and I were again the only people at ALC Everett this morning. We found some clay and played with it a bit. Nick’s is on the left, mine on the right.



I then played some Ukulele while Nick fooled around on the piano. After that the Sterlings came back and we all went out to the park. Some of us climbed trees.


On the way back I saw a bee working in some flowers.



What are you going to do on Valentines day?

I’m going to take myself out on a date! I love the outdoors so I’ll probably start with a hike then head into Seattle and see a show.

What are 5 things you are afraid of or fears you’ve gotten over?

  1. Talking to strangers, being generally outgoing. I’ve basically gotten over this.
  2. Heights. I still get a gut reaction to heights but am no longer afriad.
  3. The dark. I used to fear boogie men and now I’m not, I could go into an abandoned asylum at night and feel fine.
  4. Driving. Was in an accident when I was young, not bad, but left me a little fearful of driving. Last year I drove 10,000 miles.
  5. How others see me. I still think about it but I don’t fear it.

Back from/to Paradise!

Today’s my first day back in school. It’s also the first day with some of the kids going to the local public homeschool resource program. So it was just Nick, Jurr, and myself here today for nearly the whole day.

We started the day off doing some exercise. Jurr (@thetypicaldonger) introduced me to these cool visual workouts by Neila Rey.


We did 3 reps, the planks were really hard… It was nice to get all sweaty early in the day.

After that Jurr and I worked on redesigning the new group Kanban based off my sketch. The board’s velcro backing broke and the whole thing wont stick to the wall anymore, so I’ll have to fix that. Otherwise it looks great. I’ll be testing it out with the students for the next 2 weeks then write up a full report.

After that Jurr, Nick and I played Starcraft 2, I got pwned. Then we played a game I was a little bit (a lot bit) better at, Team Fortress 2. We all did really well playing with people on the internet. So that was cool.

Then I went on to working on e-mails, dealing with my ALC account.

In light of Valentines day we are writing about love. We are writing about the people in the ALCE community and what we love about them, then a list a things we love about ourselves.

I really love how willingly everyone in this community jumps into activities and tries new things. The kids and their parents are open to trying new things and having new experiences.

What I love about me:

  1. I love that I am very grounded.
  2. I love my cheery personality and that I get along will with others.
  3. I love my playful outlook, even though I can be quite cynical I still am light hearted.
  4. I love my compassion.
  5. I love my body for being well and having strength, even if it can’t plank more than 30 seconds.