I took an hour today to go through a few lessons over at Khan Academy on their cryptographic course. This video was really interesting, it’s amazing how a small error can make a whole world of difference:

After some time with that I set out to the Chinese Grocery with Nick and Jurr. We picked up tomato, onion, mushrooms, kale, cucumber, and squash (Zucchini) for lunch. When we got back we put together some awesome vegetarian burgers.

The patty was made from diced mushroom, diced orange pepper, grated Zucchini, and egg. All mixed in a large bowl. I squeezed the extra water from the wet stuff as I put it in while nick stirred in some flour to thicken the whole thing up.

Fried that into patties and sautéed some mushrooms along with it.



So good!

After that I was in a food coma so we sat down to watch an episode of Last Week Tonight.

As always an amazing and hilarious political commentary. All the more frustrating after seeing CitizenFour, a movie about Edward Snowden and the revelations about the NSA.

The basic gist of John’s piece is that there is no money for infrastructure repair and it’s desperately needed. While money is spent elsewhere like the militarization of police or on the NSA’s weapon of mass oppression (trillions upon trillions) our cities and towns and roads and bridges are all falling apart. The old guard (who just wont let us kids clean up their mess) has decimated our future. Most of us, the kids in our schools, have inherited a world where there are no meaningful jobs, an Orwellian police state, and a biosphere that is undergoing rapid change.

It’s going to be an interesting few decades to say the least. Which ties into why I’m learning about cryptography, it will be a necessary tool to get anything done outside of the massive domestic spying operation being committed against you with your tax money.


So after that I got back to some personal work, caught up with @nina about ALC O’ahu and am arranging for Permaculture tomorrow.

Peas and Disk

Tarcca, a friend of the students, visited today.

Before starting our day we watched the latest episode of Last Week Tonight:

I’m really liking John Oliver’s show. It’s well researched and so very pro-people. Many of his segments are also attached to culture jamming campaigns, like the one on Tobacco where they took out ads in many of the countries where Marlboro is killing people.

They also started a hash tag around a new mascot Jeff the diseased lung, called #JeffWeCan.


We went to the park and played another great game of two boots. We also practiced the prologue of Romio and Juliet.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents’ strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love,
And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
Which, but their children’s end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

We played a game where we passed the disk around each time we threw it we said a line.

I played my Ukulele at the park.

When we got back Tim came by and did a day of permaculture with us.

Digging up the grass
Digging up the grass
aeration of soil
aeration of soil
Giving the bed good vibes
Giving the bed good vibes
Planing the peas. We did Sugar Snap and Cascadia peas.
Planing the peas. We did Sugar Snap and Cascadia peas.
Finished bed, covered up to protect it from crows. Up on the hill Jurr is planting his own little pea garden!
Finished bed, covered up to protect it from crows. Up on the hill Jurr is planting his own little pea garden!