Peas and Disk

Tarcca, a friend of the students, visited today.

Before starting our day we watched the latest episode of Last Week Tonight:

I’m really liking John Oliver’s show. It’s well researched and so very pro-people. Many of his segments are also attached to culture jamming campaigns, like the one on Tobacco where they took out ads in many of the countries where Marlboro is killing people.

They also started a hash tag around a new mascot Jeff the diseased lung, called #JeffWeCan.


We went to the park and played another great game of two boots. We also practiced the prologue of Romio and Juliet.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents’ strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love,
And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
Which, but their children’s end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

We played a game where we passed the disk around each time we threw it we said a line.

I played my Ukulele at the park.

When we got back Tim came by and did a day of permaculture with us.

Digging up the grass
Digging up the grass
aeration of soil
aeration of soil
Giving the bed good vibes
Giving the bed good vibes
Planing the peas. We did Sugar Snap and Cascadia peas.
Planing the peas. We did Sugar Snap and Cascadia peas.
Finished bed, covered up to protect it from crows. Up on the hill Jurr is planting his own little pea garden!
Finished bed, covered up to protect it from crows. Up on the hill Jurr is planting his own little pea garden!

This week, Museum and Permaculture

This week was well packed. We’ve been getting more offerings from parents and our weeks are really starting to fill out.

Lilly has been teaching Chinese. We did numbers on Wednesday and some simple words on Friday. On Thursday we visited the Frye Museum and saw a cool audio video show. The students did most of the planning for the field trip and it worked out really well.

After that we came home to work with Tim on our first Permaculture project, composting! Read about composting on Jakie’s blog.


Tim told us about compost then took us out on the land around the house and we determined a few places that we could put our compost system.


It was a lot of fun exploring the lands around the house.

I’m looking forward to more Chinese and Permaculture and field trips!

Composting with Tim

Friend of the school Tim came today to begin our permaculture project. He told us a bit about the history of permaculture and then got into composting.

Here’s the wiki article about compost. Here is a great primer video on compost:

We are working to answer these questions:

How much work do you want to put into it?
What methods are there? (Describe at least 2)
What method do you want to use?
Building a box or buying a plastic bin?
Where are we going to put it? (think about animals and bad smells)
How does composting happen in nature? Is it natural? Can we learn from it?